BiCYCLE Repair &  Maintenance 

Why Choose Us?

We believe life is better with a bike. Cycling is not only fun, it promotes a healthy lifestyle, helps the environment, builds friendships, and motivates competitive goals. 

Vic's Bikes has helped thousands of people get more out of life by riding a bicycle. We remain a traditional bike shop, providing personalized service to a broad range of customers. With a focus on quality, we take care of all your cycling needs. We can build your dream bike or find the best value for your budget. We can find the perfect car rack or get your kids rolling safely with quality equipment. 

Vic makes sure to spend time with every customer to make sure their unique needs are met.

Many local bike shops have come and gone. Vic's Bikes continues to thrive because we care about every customer, and we are committed to helping everyone enjoy the fantastic cycling opportunities available here in the bay area.